Chief Shepherd of Thy chosen sheep

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Chief Shepherd of Thy chosen sheep,
from death and sin set free;
may ev'ry undershepherd keep
his eye, intent on Thee!
With plenteous grace their hearts prepare,
to execute Thy will;
compassion, patience, love and care,
and faithfulness and skill.
Enflame their minds with holy zeal
their flocks to feed and teach;
and let them live, and let them feel
the sacred truths they preach.
Oh, never let the sheep complain
that toys, which fools amuse;
ambition, pleasure, praise or gain,
debase the shepherd's views.
He, that for these, forbears to feed
the souls whom Jesus loves;
whate'er he may process, or plead,
an idolshepherd proves.
The sword of God shall break his arm,
a blast shall blind his eye;
his word shall have no pow'r to warm,
his gifts shall all grow dry.
O Lord, avert this heavy woe,
let all Thy shepherds say!
and grace, and strength, on each bestow,
to labour while 'tis day.

Alexander Reinagle (1799-1877) Bron: EL65 John Newton (1725-1807)

O Jezus, hoe vertrouwd en goed / John Newton (1725-1807), W. Barnard (1920-2010) - LB446,W458
How sweet the name of Jesus sounds / John Newton (1725-1807) - W458

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